RANES - Reverse Aging Naturally Energy Spa

There are 24 hours in a day, but as each day keeps getting busier and activities demand more hours, you tend to forget about yourself. Why not allow yourself to have some relaxing “me” time and release all those stress? After all, you deserve it!

For just a little time, you will have a peaceful retreat and you will uncover a world full of unending possibilities right inside of you. Begin your journey and rejuvenate, restore, and revitalize your life with Greater Pittsburgh’s RANES!

In this episode of Explore My Town Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, our host, Kim Davidovich of the Lisa Jackson Team visits a local spa that is believed to be reversing aging through natural energy.

About Reverse Aging Naturally Energy Spa 

Reverse Aging Naturally Energy Spa (RANES) is a collaborative of super amazing spa energy devices that help cleanse, relax and energize all at the same time! The wellness spa is loaded with everything needed to cleanse, such as aromatherapy, medical-grade infrared saunas, ionized water, whole-body vibration devices, spinal alignment machines, massage equipment, and foot reflexology zappers.

This unique sanctuary has pleasant undertones of aromatherapy, including lavender, eucalyptus, frankincense, thyme, lemongrass, and cinnamon to name a few, which permeate throughout the spa. The pure oils offer our brain some clean and clear information, an alternative to the normal neurotoxins we are exposed to daily.

RANES offers the purest products to facilitate the best cleanse via the skin through perspiration. Everything that RANES offers has to do with pure cleansing. For people interested in a very detailed cleanse, a customized five-minute “Compass” reading suggests directions on essential oils for each person’s specific needs. RANES is open 24/7 for clients that invest in cleansing.

To find out more about RANES visit their website by clicking here.

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